Monday, 23 August 2010

U2: At A Crossroads Following Disappointing Album

U2 are struggling to choose between four very different albums for their next release, singer Bono admits. And they're cognisant they have to be more straightforward with a new record after the relative failure of last year's offering.

Bono tells Rolling Stone "Is not very accessible no Line on the Horizon, lyrically or musically. We put out a really difficult record I have to admit that. If I was a teenager, it would be like a European movie. It's arthouse."

He explains: "Songs of Ascent, which is the meditative work that was meant to complement No Line on the Horizon. We've also got a rochalbum and a club sounding album. Then we have the Spider Man musical stuff."

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

U2 New Song Band Plans Rare Songs for Tour

U2 new song the band performed during tour rehearsals, has made its way online. has the story (and the song!): their 360 Tour U2 resume on Friday in Turin, Italy, and the Irish rockers have been busy practicing at the city's Olympic Sports Hall Stadium. Fans have been camping out to hear what the boys have in store, and it seems that they might be playing at least one totally new song on this leg of the tour, according
In a video on YouTube a practice rendition of the rocking tune has been posted. The band's rehearsals also have included some rarities, such as "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" from the Batman Forever soundtrack, which U2 have not played since the Popmart Tour in 1998. "Miss Sarajevo," from 1995's Passengers side project, and "Gone," from 1997's Pop, were also played.