Thursday, 7 April 2011

U2 new album a clear “futuristic”

Irish rock legends U2 new album a clear “futuristic” sound RedOne will be the voice recording is said to be.

RedOne, who work for the award-winning latest album is an interview that he is ready to work again with U2 and a project in collaboration with the band during the Billboard confirmed.

He told Billboard: “We have put down a few ideas, but we don't know how many will end up on there.”

RedOne added: “They have a very special way of working. A song is never done until the day before it comes out almost, so you never know.”

When talking about the latest U2 project he said: “They are always experimenting, so it's not like “OK, we're finished”. It is still an ongoing process. Bono described the album as futuristic. U2 going sci-fi, or something. That's how he described it, but I don't know.”

U2 are due to headline the Glastonbury festival this year after being forced to pull out previously. Other headlining acts confirmed for the iconic British festival include Coldplay and Beyonce.