Saturday, 22 August 2009

U2 Aussie tour stage

U2 will tour Australia in 2011, leaving its agreement stage behind as a gift.
Mark Fisher, who designed the stage, absently announced the band's plan to visit Australia.
Fisher has built three super structures for U2's 360 Tour.
"My vision . . . is we will prove them into enduring agreement pavilions and leave them around the world," he said."For example, we will finish one part of the tour in Australia and another in South America."
Mr Fisher said U2 would donate the stages, which hold 180 tonnes of equipment.
U2's Australian tour promoter, Michael Coppel, said no local tour dates were confirmed.
But industry sources said U2 would perform in Australia in 2011.
The astronomical show is said to be up to 10 times bigger than U2's stadium spectacular, Zooropa, which played at the MCG in 1993.
"This makes the Rolling Stones look small and AC/DC look like a pub band," a source said.
Meanwhile, Neil Diamond will tour next year and Sir Paul McCartney is likely to visit in 2011.

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