Tuesday, 29 September 2009

U2 to getting Concert Tonight at FedEx

The eastern side of the Capital Beltway is likely to be filled with regular commuters and concert-goers. The U2 show at FedEx Field in Landover is scheduled to start at 7 p.m.
The challenge: FedEx is a football stadium. Since it's opening, football fans have learned how to get on and off the roads and in and out of the parking lots. When the stadium serves as a concert venue, the regulars are replaced by fans of the pair performing. For thousands of them, it's their first time dealing with the venue.
Driving: Plan on getting there early. You'll likely still get stuck in traffic, as did the fans of Paul McCartney who went to his show there in August, but you'll at least be inside for the first set.
Best Bet: The Arena Drive/Beltway interchange, the closest one to the stadium, is now open all the time. It's one of three Beltway exits near the stadium, the other two being Landover Road and Central Avenue. The Maryland State Highway Administration recommends Central Avenue, because it tends to be less crowded than the other two.
Taking Transit: You can do this. You'll still be traveling with a crowd, but it's likely to be less of a headache than if you were behind the wheel of a car. Take Metrorail to Moran Boulevard Station on the Blue Line, then walk slightly less than a mile north, mostly on a sidewalk, to the stadium. Metro is going to keep the Morgan Boulevard Station open till 1 a.m. for people returning from the concert. They'll be able to transfer from the Blue Line to other lines to get home.

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