Tuesday, 28 July 2009

U2 Tour could be interrupted by demonstrations

U2’s schedule for its 360-Degree Tour may be disturbed by a demonstrator at Croke Park in Dublin that is holding up the take to bits of the stage after three concerts at the weekend.

People’s near the stadium in U2’s home city demonstrated this morning next to two days of non-stop work at the arena after the concerts. Tour director Jake Berry said the plan was fixed with the council and that crews required that time to make the after that show.

Around 80 demonstrator jammed trucks from incoming and outgoing the area around Croke Park at midnight, when work was due to begin. citizens called off another demonstrator intended for tonight after talks with stadium management today, the Irish Times accounted on its Web site.

“We based all our things on that schedule to make the next show,” Berry said on RTE radio earlier today. The demonstrators “affect” the tour timetable, he said, failing to say whether the band could fail to spot a show.

whilst three stages are leapfrogging each other across Europe as part of the tour, the sound system, lights and screens are moved right away after each show to the next city, according to U2’s Web site.

Barbara Ward, who lives near Croke Park, said that around 1,200 houses in the surrounding area are affected and that residents only get entered in a draw for 200 tickets for the concerts. Almost 250,000 people be presented at the Croke Park concerts on July 24, July

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