Friday, 2 October 2009

Plans for Next Album Take Shape, U2 Beyond the "Horizon"

Go behind the scenes with U2 on their epic 360° Tour in our new issue, on stands now. The blue band with Check out Q&A from our interviews.
On Future Plans
The Edge: We're sort of spoiled for choice right now, because there's a bunch of amazing pieces that we didn't finish from the work we did in Fez, and there's the songs we started with Rick Rubin, some of which are amazing songs that I'd love to get back to at some point. Bono and I also have this Spider-Man [musical] project, which we're very glad about. So there are a lot of things on the stove, and they're all very exciting.
Now that this tour is kind of up and running, I'm actually looking forward to getting into those projects, doing some listening back, seeing where they're all at, seeing which one is likely set to go first. The one thing is we'd love to follow this album up sooner rather than later we'll have over three years i dont think or whatever it was between the last two records. It's hard to say (about a U2 Spider-Man album). There will be a Spider-Man album, but whether it's us or the cast, that's the sort of thing we're not sure about. There are some amazing tunes.
Larry Mullen: I definitely think we should do something good as soon as we possibly can, as opposed to quickly. I'm feeling that it's the unfinished songs from this record that we should be concentrating on. I think there's a part two of this record. That would be my instinct, would be to complete this. I think there is slower, meditative stuff on there, but I think there are other things, as well, and I don't think it will end up being that kind of record. I think it will end up being a mixture of a few different things. I would like to think that we would have a song that would end up on the radio.
Rolling Stone: Did you reconvene with Brian Eno to do any recording?
Larry Mullen: We've talked about it, and how we would do it. He went into the studio to have a listen to some things i think so. We will get back together with him.
RS: Over the break between this year and next?
Larry Mullen: Absolutely, yeah. I'd also like to get back to the (Rick Rubin) sessions. I think there's some actually good stuff there.
Bono: Afew year we certainly don't want to go away. (The next) album is called Songs of Ascent, and it's a very clear idea. If we're going to do another rock record, I want to do Spider Man. I just haven't talked Adam and Larry into that.
I would like to have one of our songs on the pop charts. It's my only rejected (with No Line on the Horizon) People love, love the album it's had rave reviews, not just in the U.S., but all over the world. But I would like a few pop songs on it. So I would like, even on Songs of Ascent, songs that have a shot at that. I would like to come back with a new single in the spring "Every Breaking Wave" was Jimmy Iovine's favorite song, and lots of people got upset when we took that off.

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