Friday, 5 November 2010

U2 Upcoming Dance Album

U2 rock bands promising not to disappoint there fans this time, U2 Rock Band has never disappoint there fan clubs and every time they came out they have been amazing all the times

Bono confirmed that he is very thankful to a key collaborator Danger Mouse, he said that Bono says they've already laid down 12 tracks and considering how "easily" the music is coming together, fans might not have to wait so long for the disc.

He also surprised his fans by revealing that there is the dance CD, which we're especially looking forward to hearing. This disc will run as an additional album to the aforementioned and will include collaborations with Will I Am, Guetta and RedOne. Bono explains:

"U2's remixes in the 90's were a real treasure, so we wanted to make a club sounding record."

We're ready for it! Give us the goods! We'll let you know if they stand up to the remixes!

Are U excited for their dance album too?

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