Thursday, 25 November 2010

U2 working on new album

It has been revealed that Irish rock stars U2 is working on new album. Band is currently touring New Zealand. They have their two shows on Thursday and Friday.

Paul McGuinness,band's manager confirms that they had a deadline looming and they will try to wrap up the work while they are here and release the album as soon as possible.

''We are trying very hard to use this time in New Zealand and Australia to finish an album that will be released [in autumn],'' he said.

McGuinness said while the band were not actually recording in New Zealand, they were working hard on the finishing touches.

''It's not so much recording as editing and polishing up lyrics and trying to getting it done by the date it needs to be delivered to the record company for release in May.

''It's sounding great: lots of hits.''g on finishing it while they are here.

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