Friday, 4 February 2011

5, 900 staff for U2's two concerts in SA

To hire 5, 900 staff for a two-date tour for a four-man rock band U2 seems to be ridiculous,, but rock royalty U2's juggernaut is not a usual series of concerts.

Bono and his band will play in front of "probably their biggest crowd they've played to" - 110, 000 people on Feb 13,2010, at the FNB stadium, in Soweto.

For the Johannesburg concert only 2000 tickets are available said concert promoter Penny Stein.

For the February 18 concert at Cape Town stadium around 70,000 tickets have been sold out.

The idea of a 360-degree stadium stage came from a model built with dinner forks during the band's 2006 Vertigo Tour.

The stage would going to be the largest structure ever assembled.It revolves, allowing the audience to surround it and get a good view from all sides.

Stein said 200 containers carrying both international and locally-hired equipment had already arrived.

"This is a massive set and rig. It is a total of 300 international and local staff, 2, 600 security guards, 1, 000 bar staff and 2, 000 other support staff for four people on stage," she said.

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