Monday, 15 September 2008

U2 Brief History

It all started back in 1976 when Larry Mullen Jr. posted a message on a highschool bulletin board asking for fellow musicians to form a band. Paul Hewson,David Evans, Adam Clayton and Dick Evans responded to the ad and it was atthis stage along with Larry Mullen Jr. that the band 'Feedback' was formed. Thename came about because of the poor quality of Adam's amplifier, they playedcovers of Beatles and The Stones. In 1977 the band changed their name to "TheHype", something they were hoping to create, it was the name of David Bowies'backing band. They were influenced by bands like The Clash, The Sex Pistolsand Bowie. Shortly afterward, Dick Evans left the band to form the 'VirginPrunes'. Following his departure the group changed their name once again, to thename that has become world famous, U2. U2's first big break arrived in 1978, when they won a talent contest sponsoredby Guinness; the band were in their final year of high school at the time. In theautumn of 1979, U2 released their debut EP U2:3. The tracks included: Out ofControl, Stories for Boys, and Boy/Girl. The EP was available only in Irelandand it topped the national charts a sure sign of things to come. It was from here on in that history was made with U2 gaining the loyalfollowing of many a fan from all over the world. The lyrics which U2 choose tosing, deliver meaningful and powerful messages about life, reality, war, poverty,religion and love. It is the musical genius of each and every member of the bandthat makes them the huge success that they are today.

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