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U2 Timeline

13 March

Adam Clayton is born in Chinnor, Oxfordshire
6 May
U2 spy plane shot down in the Soviet Union
10 May
Paul Hewson born in Rotunda Hospital, Dublin
8 August

Dave Evans born in Barking Maternity Hospital, east London
31 October
Larry Mullen Jr. born in Artane, Dublin
30 January
Thirteen Catholic demonstrators shot dead by British paratroopers at civil rights march in
Derry ("Bloody Sunday")

Iris Hewson dies.
Feedback play debut gig; later change name to "The Hype"
20 March

The Hype changes their name to "U2"; Dick Evans leaves the band
28 April
Bill Graham writes first U2 interview in Hot Press
25 May
Paul McGuinness becomes U2's manager
Maureen Mullen (Larry's mother) is killed in an automobile accident

U2's debut record, U2-3, is released on CBS Records in Ireland
5 October
U2 make their small screen debut on RTE at a televised concert in the Opera House in
15 January

Band performs "Stories for Boys" live on The Late Show
26 February
Their second single, "Another Day", is released in Ireland on CBS Records.
23 March
U2 sign with Island Records
23 May
"11 O'Clock Tick Tock", U2's first release for Island, is released in Ireland and the UK
20 October
U2's debut album, Boy, is released in Ireland and the UK; it peaked at No. 52 in British
6 December
U2 play their American debut at The Ritz in New York
3 March

Boy released in America
12 October
U2's second album, October, is released; enters British charts at No. 11
21 August

Bono marries Alison Stewart in Raheny, Dublin
28 February

Their third album, War, is released and hits No. 1 in the UK
23 April
American tour kicks off in Kenan Stadium, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
5 June
U2 plays in the Red Rocks ampitheatre in Denver
The Edge marries Aislinn O'Sullivan
14 August
Bono's father, Robert Hewson, makes his first appearance on a U2 stage when he is pulled
up in front of 20,000 people at a gig in the Phoenix Park Racecourse in Dublin
The mini album Under a Blood Red Sky is released
22 November
U2 play their Japanese debut in Osaka
U2 is voted "Band of the Year" in the Rolling Stone writer's poll
1 August

Mother Records is established
1 October
The Unforgettable Fire is released world-wide
1 December
U2 begin the American leg of The Unforgettable Fire tour
20 December
In Rolling Stone's Top 100 Albums of 1984 survey, Under a Blood Red Sky ranks 48th,
War is 56th, and The Unforgettable Fire comes in as 68th

Sales of The Unforgettable Fire pass the million mark
Wide Awake in America is released
19 December
For the Rolling Stone's Top 100 Albums of 1985, The Unforgettable Fire comes in as 54th
and Wide Awake In America takes 59th
27 February

In Rolling Stone's Music Awards, among the Reader's Picks as Band of the Year was U2,
Best Songwriter was Bono, Best Live Performance was U2, Bono again competed for best
Male Singer, while Adam Clayton ran for best Bass Player. Fellow bantam The Edge was
up for best Guitarist, and Larry Mullen Jr., unsurprisingly, was up for best Drummer. In
the Critics' Picks, the Band of the Year was U2
4 June
U2 are present for the first date of the Conspiracy of Hope tour in aid of Amnesty
3 July
U2 crew member Greg Carroll is killed in a motorcycle accident in Dublin
8 July
Carroll is buried at Kai-lwi Marae in New Zealand
1 August
Recording sessions for The Joshua Tree begin in Dublin
9 March

The Joshua Tree is released and goes quickly to No.1 world-wide.
27 March

U2 perform an impromptu gig on the roof of a liquor store in Los Angeles to film the video
for "Where the Streets Have No Name"
27 April
U2 become the third rock band to appear on the cover of Time magazine
Sales of The Joshua Tree pass seven million
8 November
An IRA bomb explodes in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, killing 13 people
17-31 December
U2 makes another appearance in the Rolling Stone's Top 100 Albums list for 1987 with
The Joshua Tree coming in at number three

U2 move to Los Angeles to work with Phil Joanou on the Rattle and Hum documentary
2 March
U2 win "Best Vocal of the Year" for "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and
"Album of the Year" for The Joshua Tree at the Grammy Awards
7 June
Roy Orbison, for whom Bono and the Edge had recently written "She's a Mystery to Me",
dies in the US before the release of his Mystery Girl album
10 October
Rattle and Hum album is released
27 October
World premier of the Rattle and Hum documentary
The Edge joins Bryan Ferry on-stage for a surprise appearance in the RDS, Simmonscourt
in Dublin
27 April

Ex-Virgin Prune Gavin Friday launches his solo album Each Man Kills the Thing He
Loves in Dublin's Pink Elephant nightclub where Bono joins him on-stage for a version of
Queen's "We Are the Champions"
30 April
Bono makes his first live solo appearance at a fund-raising event in the Abbey Theatre in
6 August
Adam Clayton is arrested in Dublin on minor drug charges
21 September
The Lovetown tour kicks off in Australia
20 June

Bono joins David Bowie on stage at a gig in Cleveland, Ohio
U2 begin recording their new album with Daniel Lanois producing in Berlin's Hansa
18 November

U2's seventh album, Achtung Baby, is released to widespread critical acclaim
29 February

The Zoo TV tour kicks off with a gig at the Lakeland Arena in Florida
27 March
Bono orders 10,000 pizzas for the audience at a gig in Detroit; Speedy Pizzas eventually
manage to deliver 100
7 May
The European leg of the Zoo TV tour opens in Paris
1 August

The Outside Broadcast leg of the Zoo TV tour opens in Pennsylvania
28 August
During a New York interview with Rockline, US Presidential candidate Bill Clinton
contacts U2 live on air
20 January

Larry and Adam team up with REM's Michael Stipe in Washington for a performance of
"One" at the MTV 1993 Rock and Roll Inaugural Ball for newly elected American President
Bill Clinton
5 July
The Zooropa album is released world-wide
3 September
The Edge makes his first ever solo appearance at the MTV Awards in Los Angeles where he
performs "Numb" in front of a mini version of the ZooTV set
1 October
U2 play a version of "The Boys Are Back in Town" at Gavin Friday's wedding reception at
the Clarence in Dublin
Bono records the vocal for his duet with Frank Sinatra "I've Got You Under My Skin" in
10 December
U2 play the final gig of the Zoo TV tour at the Tokyo Dome

Zooropa wins "Best Alternative Album" award at the Grammy's
5 April
The Live in Sydney video is released in Europe.

Bono and the Edge team up with veteran Irish songwriter Christy Moore to record "North
and South of the River" in Dublin's Windmill Lane Studios
U2, Eno, Howie B., and other Passengers spend five weeks recording in Dublin
1 June
U2 release their first single of the year, "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, a track that
features in the Batman Forever soundtrack. It goes to No.2 in the UK, No.16 in America,
and No.1 in Australia and Ireland
12 September
Bono, The Edge, and Brian Eno premier "Miss Sarajevo" at the annual Pavarotti and
Friends concert in Modena, Italy
6 November
Passengers' Original Soundtrack 1 is released world-wide. On the same day, Tina Turner
releases "Goldeneye"-the theme to the new 007 movie, written by Bono and the Edge-on
Capitol Records

U2 begin working on a new album in Dublin
The band relocate to Miami for further work on the album..
1 May
Adam and Larry release their version of the Mission Impossible theme track. It goes Top
10 in the US, the UK, and numerous other territories
11 May
Hot Press journalist Bill Graham dies suddenly at his home in Howarth. The band fly
back to Dublin from America to attend the funeral
4 March

U2 release their long awaited album 'Pop'
19 October

Sweetest Thing singles are released
2 November
The Best of 1980-1990 B-Sides is released
9 November
Best of 1980-1990 is released
17 November

Popmart Mexico video is released
20 November
U2 appear on the Late Late Show in Dublin for the Omagh Tribute
23 December
A baby girl is born to Larry Mullen Jr and his long time partner Ann Acheson, they have
named her Ava after the actress Ava Gardner
21 August
Ali gives birth to a baby boy named Elijah Bob Patricious Guggi Q, this day also being Bono and Ali's 17th wedding anniversary

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